¬†We all want a nice, neat, organised wardrobe where we would easily be able to locate every item we need. Unfortunately, that’s most often not the case. Wardrobes are notorious for getting cluttered, making it hard to distinguish a fresh shirt form a dirty one. Have a look before at some of our best ideas on keeping your wardrobe clean and clutter-free.

Remove grease from clothing


Have a look at our super simple idea for getting rid of those pesky grease stains Using a piece of white chalk, rub over the affected areas. The chalk will absorb the grease, but make sure you only use white as a coloured chalk could leave marks. Put into the washing machine on a normal wash as usual, the chalk would have absorbed the grease and the chalk marks will be washed away!

Organise your scarves


Using a trouser hanger, tie the scarfs around the hanger and hang in the wardrobe so they are easily accessible. This keeps your wardrobe looking neat and saves hunting around for a scarf/shawl when you are about to leave the door.

Dampness in wardrobe


This particular tip is for you, if your wardrobe if your wardrobe has a problem with damp. Hang a bundle of chalk in your closet with your clothes to keep them fresh and dry and avoid any dampness from appearing in your closets. This is a great alternative to a dehumidifier and much cheaper too! Use white chalks as apposed to coloured ones to avoid any chalk rubbing onto your clothing. This tip can be tried in bathrooms, or any other room.

The chalk needs to be hung and will help to dry out the area and absorb any moisture!

Keep your clothes on your hangers


Keep your clothes off the floor and on your hangers with this easy solution! Wrap rubber bands around the end of a coat hanger to prevent dresses from slipping off!

Such a quick and easy tip to eliminate your freshly ironed dresses from falling onto the floor of your wardrobe.

Smelly Shoes


If your trainers have that awful post-gym smell, give our simple DIY a try to get rid of it! Sprinkle a fine layer of bicarbonate soda in the shoes in the evening, leave over night and empty out in the morning. Next, replace with a few drops of tea tree oil which is a great anti-bacterial and masker of odours and then machine wash at 40 degrees! This will leave you with fresh smelling trainers.

White Shirts


Do your white shirts get yellow stains underneath the armpit area? Does the deodorant make the area really stiff? Is there a horrible smell coming from underneath the armpit when ironing even after the shirt has been washed?

If so, try our simple tip to prevent your new white shirts from this having this problem! Sprinkle some baby powder underneath the armpit area of the shirt (both inside and out) and the collar. Next iron the shirt as normal and hang in the closet for its next use. This will act as a barrier which will stop any oil, grease, dirt and sweat from seeping into the fabric. You will have to repeat every time the shirt is washed but it will avoid any of those yellow stains from re-appearing!

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