Utility Room

 Our utility rooms generally serve a multipurpose role. It is the place for our laundry, ironing, as well as other housekeeping needs. It is therefore, very easy for it to get cluttered and messy. Take a look below for our best tips to tackle any problems in and around your utility room.

Descaling your steam iron


To begin with, dampen a cloth in warm water with no detergent or cleaner in it and wipe the plate of the iron with it. This works much better if your iron is on a low heat so all the dirt and gunk from the plate can be removed.

Secondly, using tumble dryer sheets, dry the plate of the iron to remove any accumulated dirt. You may need a few of these to completely remove the dirt.

In regards to removing the limescale, add equal parts of white vinegar and water into the iron and turn onto a medium/high heat. Using the steam button steam for 5-10 minutes so all the vinegar can evaporate. You may want to repeat this process again with just water to remove any vinegar smells from the iron so this doesn’t press onto your clothing on the next iron.

For heavy duty dirt on your iron, try putting salt onto a cloth or tea towel and run the iron over this. The iron needs to be on the highest setting but with the steam turned off. Once you have wiped the plate again after doing this for 5 minutes it will be shining and free from dirt as the salt loosens dirt and any prints from clothing.


Muddy Trainers


This tip will help you in tackling the washing of PE kits after the first week back at school, mainly the muddy trainers! Tape a laundry bag to the side of your tumble dryer door and lay in the shoes for a quick and easy dry. This also stops the shoes from getting thrown around the dryer which if washed and dried frequently will cause them to get ruined.

Store your bedding


This tip for storing your bedding is one of our favourites. There’s nothing worse than searching through the airing cupboard for the matching pillow cases, bottom sheet and duvet cover, this tip will eliminate all of that!

After sorting the sheets into piles of matching, fold neatly and using one of the pillow cases, place the bedding neatly inside. Not only does this eliminate having to search for a matching set, but its an excellent organised, neat and tidy way of storing your bed sheets!

Avoid Ironing


Try this tip for avoiding having to iron your clothes! Put your creased (washed and dried) outfit into the tumble dryer with a wet cloth and turn on for 10 or 15 minutes. The steam from the wet cloth will smooth the clothes over and get rid of the creases. If you have a bigger load, try using a wet towel for the same affect.

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