Our bathrooms, the rooms in which we get clean are, paradoxically, the easiest and quickest to get dirty. Condensation, poor ventilation, and mildew are notorious for invading this space. Take a look below for some of our best tips to tackle any problems your bathroom may have.

Quick and easy 5-steps to a clean bathroom


Fluffy Towels


There is nothing better than wrapping yourself in a lovely fluffy towel after a nice warm bath at the end of a long day.But what if your towels aren’t nice and fluffy anymore?

If you’ve got hard water, mineral build up could be the cause of your scratchy towels.

To lift deposit, wash you tools in the hotter water possible and add 1 cup of Ammonia and nothing else.

Clean Toilet Bowl


If you are tired of constantly cleaning your toilet bowl, give our old-school method a try to keep it sparkling clean at all times.

This tip will also help to remove brown water rings that are stained in the bowl. Throw in a denture tablet or two if the stain is very bad and leave over night if possible. This will remove very stubborn stains lurking in your bowl. If you only have one toilet in your property and find it difficult with the whole family being in to leave it without being flushed over night, why not try it during the day when everyone’s out at school or work.

How Long have you been using your bath sponge?


It’s recommended you change your bath sponge every 30 days. I bet yours has been hanging on your bath taps for longer than this! Think, every time you use it to wash and then hang it on the taps to dry, the bacteria inside are doubling away. If you had a light to see this, you would think twice before dropping it into your clean bath and then rubbing it all over you! Gross? We thought so too!

Similarly, sharing bath sponges is a no go! Every person in your home should have their own bath sponge, as sharing is just sharing the germs and helping them to double even quicker! So throw yours in the bin and take a trip to your local supermarket to replace. Buy different colours so everyone in your home has their own sponge to avoid sharing!

Try to buy sponges with a rubber seal that can connect to the wall tiles, this helps the sponge dry without being drenched in a ball at the side of the bath until the next use!

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