Whenever you are trimming the tree or trying to decide what last minute decorations you would like to put up why not have a look at our checklist for some ideas. A nicely decorated house will get everyone into the festive mood so when you are prepared you are able to embrace last minute guests or parties without worry or concerns.

Outdoor decorating

  • String Christmas lights to the rain gutter. Try out solar light this season so you don’t need to worry about tangled extension leads or your electricity bill. You can get them on Amazon for only £12.00.
  • Add Christmas light netting to the bushes in your front garden. They are usually battery or solar operated.
  • Hang a wreath or big Christmas bow on your front door. You can incorporate battery operated lights in your wreath to make them look even more beautiful in the evening.
  • Light your walkways for safety and festive flair.
  • Put down holiday doormats. You can get lots of different designs which will make your house stand out. We have done a quick search on Amazon for you here.
  • Little tip: String lights, especially with standard bulbs use a lot of electricity. If you don’t want to invest in new solar-powered lights then think about getting a timer switch to control your cost. They are inexpensive and can end up saving you a lot of money.

Indoor Decorating

  • Fill a vase or nice bowl with Christmas decoration to create a nice display. You can use leftover baubles, pinecones, acorns and other Christmas ornaments.
  • Toss a Christmas themed throw on your sofa. This throw is one of the more useful decor options because it can protect your sofa and keep you and your guest warm on those chilly winter days.
  • Fill potpourri holders with Christmas sets.
  • Frost your windows. This is a good activity to do with your children. They properly made paper snowflakes in school or you
    can stencil frost your windows.
  • Create a Christmas card display. Some people display their Christmas cards by the front door on their fireplace which works very well. But why don’t you try hanging a display from your staircase or on a string across the window, where natural light will put these thoughtful cards in the spotlight.
  • Hang stockings from the mantel. Use weighted stocking hangers to avoid any damage to the mantel and make sure they are heavy enough to handle the filled stockings. These hangers sit on the mantel and even add to the decor as you can get them in many different designs and styles.
  • Use holiday linens such as napkins, tablecloth etc. If you have a nice wooden table, consider using a runner instead of a tablecloth. The wood gives your home a traditional holiday feel and is easier to clean.
  • Light Christmas candles – scented or decorative. This will make your house smell very nice and will create a lovely and cosy winter
  • Swap your towels in your guest toilet with holiday themed once.
  • Don’t forget to hang your mistletoe. Little tip: This tradition is supposed to be fun so hang your mistletoe away from the busiest
    areas in your house but don’t hide it.
  • Put your Christmas tree up. Don’t forget to cover your stand with a festive skirt and place all your already wrapped present underneath. If you plan to wait to place your presents under your tree until Christmas day wrap a couple of empty boxes with festive patterned paper and shiny bows instead

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