The Regular Clean

Domestico’s most popular type of clean is the regular cleaning service, which is either a weekly or a fortnightly clean. These type of cleans allow us to get into a routine so that every area of the house will be addressed at some point. It also allows us to send you the same cleaner every time your clean is carried out.

  Weekly Or Fortnightly
  Same Cleaner Each Time
  With Or Without Cleaning Liquids
  Pay By Card - No Cash Required
  Cheaper Than The One Off Clean
  No Fixed Term Contract

A regular cleaning routine allows us to address less frequently used rooms on rotation together with other rooms that are being cleaned on a regular basis. A typical cleaning schedule for a regular service looks as follows:

Master Bedroom

  • Polish all window sills ensuring any ornaments are lifted and free from dust
  • If bedding is left on the bed please change and put used bedding in the washing basket
  • Polish all bedside furniture
  • Polish dressing tables ensuring perfume bottles are polished and put back neatly
  • Glass clean the mirrors
  • Hoover the floor and on rotation, ensure light furniture is pulled out and cleaned behind, and mop if not carpeted

Child’s Bedroom

  • All toys on the floor put back into the toy boxes
  • Any drink bottles taken to the kitchen washed up and put away
  • All window sills polished
  • All bedroom furniture polished
  • Bed either neatly made, or changed if sheets are left
  • Floor hoovered including behind the door and on rotation pulling out light furniture and hoovering behind.

Family Bathroom

  • Full clean of the toilet including the foot
  • Full clean of the sink ensuring that soap dishes and toothbrush holders are rinsed out
  • Full clean of shower using limescale remover and shining up with glass cleaner, and removing any hair from the plug holes
  • Full clean of the bath
  • Radiator dusted and towels neatly put back on the rail.
  • Emptying bins
  • Hoovering and mopping the floor ensuring all corners and behind the door is dust free


  • Wipe down all kitchen sides ensuring that behind all utensils is clean. Also ensure things like the kettle are wiped over and free from water marks.
  • Cupboard doors should be cleaned from the outside ensuring no dirty marks are left
  • All dishes and cutlery should be washed up or put into the dishwasher, ensuring any clean dishes are put away in the correct places.
  • Sink to be cleaned thoroughly ensuring all lime scale and tea stains are removed especially around the plug.
  • Bins to be emptied ensuring all recycling goes in the correct bins.
  • Floor hoovered and mopped ensuring corners are cleaned.

Living Room

  • All window sills polished
  • All sofa cushions plumped, on rotation take off and hoover underneath
  • All furniture polished with the correct polish
  • Floor hoovered, ensuring rugs are lifted so dirt and dust underneath is removed
  • Floor mopped if necessary

Downstairs Toilet

  • Full clean of the toilet including the foot
  • Full clean of the sink ensuring the underneath is clean
  • Mirror cleaned
  • Radiator dusted and towels hung neatly over the rails
  • Floor hoovered and mopped
When cleaning we always ensure that we look out for cobwebs, check light switches for finger prints, skirting boards for dust and door frames. These things should be put on a rotation.


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