The One-Off Clean

Our one-off cleaning service is one of our most popular services. Whenever you are looking for a general clean as a one-off because you have visitors coming or you are looking for a thorough deep clean of your property.

  Short Notice Bookings Available
  General Cleaning
  In Depth Cleaning
  Cleaning Liquids Provided
  Pay By Card - No Cash Required
  No Fixed Term Contract

There are many reasons why you may need a large top to bottom clean of your home. Either your’e a young professional where cleaning is really something you do not have time for; a mother of young children where you are so tied up with school runs and after school clubs that only a general wipe over is ever able to be done; elderly with no family to help you and not the same eye to detail or physical ability to be able to do it yourself; or just because you don’t want to do it yourself.

Which is where Domestico comes in to help. Depending on the condition of the property, the one-off clean is great to focus on things such as lime scale, pink mould, soap scum from children’s toys and shampoo bottles and washing down and buffering up bathroom tiles. A one-off clean with Domestico will ensure every inch of your home is cleaned and every corner free from dirt. However big your home, however long is has not been cleaned for and whatever requirements you may have, Domestico have experience and compassion for every home we clean.

No job is too much for us and no requirement too specific; whatever you need and however you would like it to be done we can do for you.


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