With all of us busy working, bringing up children, trying to get 30 mins of exercise per day and maintain a social life, having a list of speed cleaning tips is essential! Check out our top tips for cleaning your home and flat in the fastest way possible!


Make everything you do count!

Work around the room you are cleaning once and once only – don’t backtrack or go back to something – once you start it, finish it!


Ensure you bring the needed tools with you!

Make yourself a cleaning tray of everything you need to clean the WHOLE property. Get the liquids, cloths, sponges, dusters and bin bags and arms reach so you don’t need to go back to your supply cupboard to grab something else you have forgotten.


Work from top to bottom..

Dust and dirt follows the law of gravity, so start at the top and work your way down to the bottom, that way you don’t need to re clean services which have been sprinkled with dust.


Clean what’s dirty and leave what isn’t

If you have loads of shelves and units, its most likely that not all of them are dirty. Clean away finger prints and sticky marks from the visible areas and leave the rest for a deeper cleaning day.


Do the floors last…

There’s no point cleaning the floors until everything else is done. When mopping, ensure heavy duty areas are cleaned thoroughly (hallway, bathroom, kitchen) and spot clean bedrooms and reception rooms. Remember, the key is being quick and doing a speed clean- not your normal deeper clean.


Prioritise areas:

Sinks, toilets, general wiping of the sides, emptying the bins and a quick floor clean are the main focus areas for speed cleaning. The shower/bath tub can be left for the big clean as can dusting little shelves.


Tidy first:

Invest in some baskets, go around and gather all items out of place into a basket and after the speed clean, put the items where they belong. If its not tidy it won’t look clean!


Don’t get distracted:

Avoid stopping to take a call, make a cuppa or thinking about your tax bill – get done first and then move onto something new. Distractions slow us down and make us miss areas!


Work as a team:

If you have someone at hand to help – give them an area to do. Many hands make light work!

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