If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room specifically available for your child to play in, then you surely understand how quickly and easily it can get cluttered. Have a look below at some of our best tips on keeping your child’s playroom tidy at all times.

5 easy steps to an organised playroom


If you’re fortunate enough to have a spare room that you can dedicate to your children’s playroom than there are many ways to keep this as a great storage room for toys while, at the same time, keeping it tidy and organised. Just like with everything, you have to start somewhere, and the main ingredient needed for keeping an organised playroom is storage boxes. If you have more than one child, why not buy boxes with different coloured lids to establish whose toys are who.


Step one: The room will need to be cleaned first. Always start from the top and work your way down. All high dusting and high shelves should be cleaned first. With skirting boards and the floor cleaned last.

Step two: Just like you do with the clothing, separate toys into piles. Lego, dolls, doll clothes, dressing up equipment, arts and craft and so on. Using your storage boxes, put each of items in the piles- into the specific box. You can also label these boxes with sticky labels to establish what’s inside. Anything that is broken or no longer played with should be removed. It’s taking up space for something else. Why not either give to a friend with a child who may use it or donate to a local nursery? That way it saves you throwing it in the bin.

Step three: Now depending on the size of the room and the number of children you have you can split the room in half. Dedicate half of the room to one child and half to the other. If you want to be really creative, you can decorate the room according to the child’s likes.

Step four: Pile the boxes of toys towards the back of the room allowing space in the centre to play. The storage boxes should not be piled up from floor to ceiling but should be at reach for children to go and choose what they want to play with. The toys most frequently used should be towards the front, with the things used the least at the back. This helps to keep the room organised. Use things such as bean bags as furniture for them to sit on whilst playing and decorate the floor with ABC foam puzzle pieces. This also helps to protect your flooring from scratches whilst they play or paint and ink stains. Decorate the walls huge sheets of paper so they can draw on the walls.

Step five: Maintaining organisation is key. Organising the room with your children allows them to know where things belong. Making them put things back in the correct boxes and clearing up after themselves can be rewarded by purchasing them a new toy. Lastly, have regular clear outs. When it comes to Christmas and Birthdays and new presents are brought, clear out any unwanted or unused toys to replace with the new ones. Keeping everything will just turn the room into a cluttered mess, so make sure you regularly check what you’re storing and check whether or not it’s used.


Get see-through boxes


Instead of the typical toy box, invest in some clear bins to sort toys. Sort toys into see-through bins and place on shelves that the child can reach. The see-through bins let them find what she’s looking for, so the Legos, or the Barbies, or the plastic farm animals can come out without them rooting through everything else.

Label with pictures


Labeling storage containers is always a good idea, but what if your kids are too young to read? Just use what they can identify: Pictures. If you have really young kids, use clip art to include a picture in addition to the word. You can print the labels on address label stickers (available at all office supply stores) or on plain paper that you stick to the container using clear packing tape.

Wipe-clean Wallpaper


Our little ones can be very destructive when their curiosity and creativity hits. Protect your walls from pen or pencil, and liquid damage by putting up some cute wipe-clean wallpaper in your children’s playroom.


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