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Oven and Carpet Cleans


Alongside our tailored cleaning, designed with you in mind, we have now introduced professional oven as well as carpet cleaning to the array of services we offer.


We know life can get messy and while we are happy to assist you with any kind of cleaning your home may require, we understand that sometimes you need an even more in-depth and targeted approach than we are able to provide with a simple clean.

We have launched our new carpet and oven cleaning services for precisely such an occasion.


While we are confident that our cleaners can get your home looking amazing, our oven, and carpet cleaning services aim to target those areas in particular. For that reason, we partnered up with Dino- our trusted oven and carpet cleaner.

Dino has worked with us for a number of years now and never failed to exceed our expectations.

Oven Cleans


He can provide you with a very thorough, deep-clean of your oven; targeting those areas which are always notorious for being the most difficult to clean.


He only uses environmentally-friendly liquids, making sure that whilst he takes care of your tough stains, our planet is also looked-after. The fact that all of the liquids are environmentally-friendly also means that your appliances and flooring are ready-to-use straight after your clean without worrying about any toxins or any adverse effects of such detergents.

A Standard Clean includes:



Cleaning the whole Oven


All Racks and Trays


Hobs and Extractor Fans

What can Dino do for you?


Single Ovens


Double Ovens


Standard and Over-Sized Ovens

AGA Ovens:

Single-side Module Rayburn


2-door Oven Rayburn


3-door Oven Rayburn


4-door Oven Rayburn

Range Ovens

Single (5 Hobs)


2-door (5 Hobs)


3-door (5-6 Hobs)


3-door (8 Hobs)

With prices starting at just £65, we’re sure to give your oven a brand new look, in no time!


Just like with any other service our company provides, we have used Dino’s assistance many times ourselves, and have been astonished by the results every time. Just take a look at the way he can transform an incredibly unkempt oven into one which is sparkling-clean and looks absolutely brand-new.

Carpet Cleans


Just as with an oven-clean Dino can transform your kitchen, his bespoke carpet-cleaning service can do the same for your flooring.

Here, again, he uses only environmentally-friendly liquids, looking after you, your family, and mother nature.

You may think that having your carpets professionally cleaned will render your flooring unusable for hours; but fear not, Dino will never leave your carpets soaking wet. They will be only slightly damp, and fully dry within 1-2 hours (depending on weather conditions).


Have a look below at how Dino can transform your carpets to make them look completely brand-new!

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Our ethos is to ensure our customers receive the best service we can offer at all times, our cleaners take pride in their work and we regularly spot check their work to ensure that our clients come home to a sparking home!

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