Master Bedroom

The bedroom. The place where we retire to at the day’s end. The place where we re-gain our energy for the next day. It is therefore incredibly important that this room is always in a good, and tidy condition to ensure you have a good night’s rest. Take a look below at some of our tried and tested tips to keep your bedroom always looking great.

Keeping your bedroom tidy


The key to always having a clean and tidy bedroom is to tidy up and straighten out things as needed, and not letting them pile up. Have a look below at the 4 essential things to do every day to keep your bedroom looking great!

Make the bed: Throw the cover over the bed, plump the pillows and open the curtains/blinds

Fold or hang cloths: If its not dirty, fold it or hang it back up. If its dirty, discard to the washing basket

Put away jewellery and makeup: Put your jewellery back in the boxes and makeup back in makeup bags and drawers, ready for the next application.

Cups and glasses: Take the morning tea and coffee cup downstairs along with the bed time water cup. Keep your night table clear so you don’t have half the kitchen cupboards in your bedroom.

Furniture Marks


We all love to move our furniture around to give our bedrooms/living rooms a new feel and look different, but the marks left in the carpet from the weight of furniture can be annoying! Try our own tested tip for removing these marks.

Place ice cubes around the area. As the cubes start to melt they will lift the indentation from the carpet, helping it to look restored!

Hair Clip Strip


Do you suffer from having your hair pins being all over the place, and then inevitably lost? If so, try this neat idea.

Get a magnetic strip, hang or stick it on the side of the cupboard or the wall by your dressing table where you do your hair/makeup and stick all your clips on the side! This will save having them all scattered around the dresser, floor, behind the radiator and everywhere else they seem to disappear to!

This is an easy idea which will keep your clips at arms reach!

Spray tan on bed sheets


Do you find that your tan and your white bedding don’t go well together? Is there an “orange tinged body print” of you in your bed after the first night of application? Do you find that normal biological washing powder just doesn’t seem to get the sheets back to the white original colour? Try adding a scoop of bicarbonate of soda in the drum with the bedding as well as biological powder and fabric conditioner to get your sheets back to their pristine-white condition.

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