Children's Room

Our little ones, especially those in their early school-ages, can be particularly active, creative, and inevitably, destructive. Keeping their room clean and organised can be an absolute nightmare. This is why we wanted to share our best tips for cleaning your children’s rooms.


Cleaning children’s pencil cases


Firstly, empty the contents of the pencil case and put to one side. Then brush out all of the dirt and bits inside so its completely free of residue.

Now depending on the material of the pencil case depends on the temperature of the water you will need. If the pencil case is plastic add it to warm water, if it is material add it to boiling water from the kettle. Next add a large scoop of washing detergent and leave to soak for 1 hour. If there are no ink stains, you can simply remove from the water and leave to dry and it will look as good as new!

If the pencil case is badly stained, you will need to use some elbow grease. Add some rubbing alcohol or distilled vinegar to a cloth and rub abrasively to the stains, then leave to soak. Repeat the process until all the ink has gone!

Removing wall markings


Children do love to be creative and sometimes, they might decide to get creative on their bedroom walls. So how can you remove those pesky markings from your walls, without damaging them?

If the mark is a pencil mark the best thing to do is to use an eraser and rub the mark off. This will avoid any damage to the paint especially if its a non washable paint.

If the mark is crayon, then baby wipes surprisingly are the best solution and again cause the least damage to the paint work!

Ball point pen and permanent marker marks? This is slightly more difficult and requires a bit more elbow grease! The best solution for this is to dampen a microfibre cloth with a warm water and a liquid alcohol such as white spirit. Rub over the mark with the cloth, you may find that your wall starts to change colour slightly don’t panic this can happen depending on the paint you have used to paint your walls. Get another clean cloth and wash away the alcohol solution with warm water and some fairy liquid. This should rejuvenate the wall back to its original colour as well as removing the stain!

Another great way, although slightly pricier is to use a magic eraser sponge. However, do bare in mind that depending on the stain will depend on how well this works!

If your children have a habit of drawing on the walls why not get some old wrapping paper/wall paper stick onto the walls and let the drawer and paint away! Then when finished you can un attach the paper from the wall and dispose, that way your walls stay clean and the kids stay entertained for a few hours!

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum are the worst offenders on your clothes and if not treated correctly can completely ruin whatever fabric it’s congealed into. We wanted to share the method we think is the best to remove the sticky stuff from your clothes is the freezing method.

Put the garment into a freezer bag that can be sealed. Make sure it doesn’t touch the bag or it wont work. Keep in the freezer for several hours. The harder the gum gets the easier it will be to remove it. Once it has hardened scrape it off immediately so it doesn’t get warm and loose again. Wash in a normal wash cycle on the machine to remove the final parts of gum.

Remove stickers from walls and windows

Walls: Remove as much of the paper part of the sticker as you can manually, then using an eraser rub away the excess residue a rubber is soft and therefore wont damage the wall unlike a sharp or firmer object. Finally make a solution of hot soapy water and wash the wall clean!

Windows: Do not use anything sharp as this will scratch the glass which is totally un redo-able! Moisten the paper residue by using a warm damp cloth. Then using an acetone based nail varnish remover rub or roll the excess away from the glass. Finally use a solution hot soapy water to wash away the remaining glue and clean the marked area.

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