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  • Repeat And One-Off Customers

    With weekly and bi-weekly jobs available, you can build up your regular income in no time. Fill any gaps with our fantastic one-off job offers to tie you over in the meantime.

  • Excellent Pay

    Domestico is one of the best paying cleaning agencies in London. Earn up to £12 per hour or £1900 per month*. Better than most private cleaning jobs!

  • Decide Your Schedule

    Because you will be self employed, you can choose when to work. Fit your working hours around your mummy duties, study plan or any other private schedules.

  • Work Close To Home

    No need to travel for hours to get from one cleaning job to the other. We will always try to offer you jobs that are in the areas you are happy to work in.

  • Designated Office Contact

    You will have a direct contact person in the office who you can talk to. A designated phone line for our service providers ensures that you can get hold of us in case of any problems.

  • Self Employed - Flexibility

    Enjoy the flexibility that comes with being self employed. Decide when and where you want to work, when to go on holiday or just take a break. It is all in your hands.

Sandra F.

I have been working for Domestico for 5 years now.
I can only say good things about working for the company, the pay is great, Katy and Yasemin are friendly and helpful and I have some lovely clients. I look forward to continuing working for the company for the foreseeable future!

Micha T.

Great company to work for, good communication and plenty of local work to be covered. I love my clients!

Ellena A.

I have been working in this team for about 2 years. The office team has proven every time of professionalism. When I needed something, they always understood me.

I strongly recommend this company.

Bilyana P.

I am working for Domestico for an about 1 year . I am very happy with them . They are very kind and professional. I have been working for few agency before, but this is the best one . In the office they are always very helpful to as and that help as to give the best cleaning services . ❤️

Xarah B.

Working with Domestico has been a very wonderful experience. They listen to everyone and are both professional yet compassionate while dealing with their staff. I haven't had problems working there. I would willingly recommend others to join the Domestico Team.

Nat M.

I have been working for Domestico for more than 2 years and I am very happy with the team.
I feel they are doing their best to keep both sides happy, they take care of their workers and customers needs , my experiences are very positive.
I appreciate clear and quick communication, support, usefull app and always correct and on time payments. Thank you Domestico team, it's a pleasure working with you.👍👍👍

Yasemin H.

Iv been working for Domestico for 8 years and can only say it’s been a positive experience.

Since working for the company I have developed many skills and have progressed my way higher and higher within the company now currently being the office manager.

Having also worked on the cleaning side of the business, I can honestly say that Katy treats her staff with the upmost respect and is a wonderful person to work for.

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